Patient Estimates


The sole purpose of this explanation is to allow a patient to make an informed decision concerning the potential cost of hospital related healthcare services. It is intended to help you understand the possible range of costs associated with the healthcare services you or your physician have described, including the amounts, if any, that your insurance company will likely pay and the amounts you may be required to pay out of pocket. This explanation is not intended for use in support of any legal claim for damages or disability. This is not a bill or an offer of a price for the prescribed healthcare procedures and services. This explanation is only an estimate and is based on Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s past experience with your insurance company for similar services, non-covered services, or self-pay services. THE AMOUNT YOU MAY HAVE TO PAY AND THE AMOUNT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY IS LIKELY TO COVER MAY BE DIFFERENT AND COULD VARY SIGNIFICANTLY FROM THIS ESTIMATE. IN SOME CASES, OUTSTANDING ACCOUNT BALANCES AND ESTIMATED PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY BALANCES MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO THE DAY OF SURGERY. ALSO, THIS ESTIMATE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE ASSISTANCE OF ANOTHER SURGEON OR SURGERY ASSISTANT (MLP) IN THE OPERATING ROOM. This explanation only represents healthcare costs related to the hospital, including costs related to hospital services by MGC physicians and mid-level providers. Your insurance company and you are likely to receive a bill from the physician who provided services to you, for example, your physician and other physicians that might be involved in the procedure (such as a radiologist or anesthesiologist). These physicians will send their own bills separately from Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.

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